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Nature as a teacher of divine perfection.

Nature as a teacher of divine perfection.

Whenever I am feeling out of sorts, lost, ungrounded, anxious or looking to shift perspectives I tend to seek out the natural world as my teacher.

Nature teaches us many wisdoms. For one, it shows us how small and insignificant our perceived problems are. The vastness of a mountain or expansiveness of the ocean is a reminder that all is as it should be, it’s our concept or ideal around an “issue” that is causing suffering. 

We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.”-unknown 

Tuning into the change of seasons, watching the ever expansive sky; sunrises, sunsets and the billions of stars illuminating the night teaches us that there are cycles to the self and life. That nothing stays the same, that part of our purpose is to embrace these cycles, as each transition is a step forward to the awakening of our divine purpose and gifts.

One day, a while back I was struggling with a perceived issue that seemed so big and insurmountable to me at the time. We took a day trip into the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California. We stopped at a lake; brought some food and drinks and stayed for the afternoon. I was mesmerized by the sunlight reflecting off the lake creating thousands of baby diamond light flickers off the water. My mind became still, as I embraced the moment.

A insight rolled in, as they usually do once I allow my mind to quiet down. 

“Everything is perfect, in divine time as it is. It’s your perception of reality that is causing you great discomfort and suffering.”

The insight was exactly right! Isn’t it our war with reality that makes us suffer? In that moment, ha! It was just a moment, I was able to let go and feel peace as I allowed and aligned with a open hearted trust, “things are in their divine place and as they should be.”

But of course the ego chimed in, my mind chatter revved up and I began having an internal debate with my soul, basically. Isn’t this so human of us to fight our true nature and divine truths? 

As at times I embody that same wisdom, it’s like having daily amnesia, I forget that all is on time and on purpose. Nothing happens in Gods world by mistake. I also realized if we don’t like the reality we have created for ourselves, we have the power to change it. However whatever reality or story we find ourselves in, there will always be lessons and challenges.   

There are blessings in each circumstance. Seems like a paradox, well because it is; often the things that bring us to our knees in life are nothing but doorways connecting us to the freedom within. 

Trusting the unfoldment of our lives. While doing our best to not resist or fight life’s circumstances or ourselves.. Rather, quiet the mind, takes some space and step into nature; if only to marvel at the magnificence of the natural world, while embracing the divine being that you are. 

All is as it should be. You are safe, you are loved.

Love, B.

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