Self Revolution Wellness

Self Revolution Wellness was born out of Brittany’s passion for healing, Yoga, spiritual development & personal empowerment.

From 2011 to 2018 Brittany had a private practice in the Portland metro area; True Bliss Massage and Yoga which served the community for over 7 years. True Bliss offered therapeutic bodywork, yoga classes, yoga privates, and healing workshops.

In 2018, Brittany and her husband embarked on a five-year California adventure. Having the gift to study & learn from inspiring teachers; Brittany had the opportunity to expand her knowledge of Sanskrit mantras, Yoga philosophy & sound healing meditation. Along side moving her teachings to more of a Hatha Yoga based practice.

In 2018, Self Revolution Wellness was birthed. After over a decade of teaching, Brittany began to see a pattern emerge.

✨We are our own healers. We heal ourselves.✨

Self revolution Wellness’s slogan; “ it begins within” is the foundational intention that Brittany invites you to explore. Your innate capacity for healing, empowerment and renewal.

Who is Brittany Adams? 

Brittany is a healer, a teacher, an artist, a stage four cancer survivor, a curious explorer, and a lover of all things human, spiritual &  transformational. 

Brittany has been a Yoga Teacher for over 12 years, and a student of Yoga for over two decades with 500+ hours of training and countless hours of self study and personal practice.

In addition, she has been a therapeutic massage therapist since 2010. In 2019, she began the journey of sound healing meditation and mantras for healing. She has an undergrad in human studies and business and an integrative wellness coaching certificate from Duke University. Brittany has ran a successful healing  practice for over a decade. 

Brittany believes that Yoga is for everybody. 

Inner exploration & experiential knowledge is our way through to our inner light and empowerment. Yoga gives us tools and methodologies to explore the inner terrain of our being. Yoga is not something that we are grasping external of us, but rather- remembering the innate potential of who we already are.

Grace + Gratitude,
Brittany Adams

Yoga. Sound Healing. Community Wellness