Self Revolution Wellness was founded in 2018 by Brittany Adams. Previous, Brittany had a private practice, True Bliss Massage and Yoga in Portland Oregon for over 7 years (2011-2018). For seven years, Brittany offered therapeutic bodywork for hundreds of clients of all ages, cultivating a regular clientele while building long lasting relationships within her Portland commmnity.

In the midst of her business endeavors, Brittany was diagnosed with a rare stage 4 terminal cancer and took 18 months off practicing bodywork (2014-2016) However she continued to teach Yoga during her cancer treatments and post cancer healing journey.

She went back to school and finished her undergrad in business and interdisciplinary studies in 2016. Graduating  with honors when she was 35 years old. 

A year later, she continued her education online at Duke University and received her integrative wellness coaching certificate in 2020. 

Brittany is fascinated with the human Spirit & body’s capacity for healing and renewal if we give it the right tools and space to do so. In addition, she practiced as a massage therapist mostly in Oregon, in addition; Arizona and California over the last 12 years.

Self Revolution Wellness has transformed into many forms; from bodywork, to wellness coaching, yoga classes, sound healing, Yoga trainings, workshops and retreats. Brittany enjoys combining different healing modalities as each one is potent, however together are truly medicine for the body & soul.

Currently Brittany & her family relocated back to their home state of Oregon. She is taking a few month sabbatical and looks forward to offering Yoga classes and more beginning Fall of 2023.

The journey home to the True Self  is often long and arduous. The name Self Revolution is about the path itself, the fortitude and tenacity to overcome great obstacles and lessons to step into our greatest potential. The journey is rarely easy, but more often than not- beyond worth the struggle. 

Keep going…keep growing.

In Grace + Gratitude,
Brittany Adams

Yoga. Massage. Wellness