In 2008 I studied Massage Therapy at the SW institute for the healing arts in Tempe Arizona. My training specialized in deep tissue, swedish massage, trigger point therapy, sports massage, hot stone and reflexology. In 2011 I opened True Bliss Massage and Yoga LLC in Portland Oregon, where I was in private practice for over 7 years.

My style of bodywork is a balance of practical anatomy and intuition. Along with an in depth understanding of anatomy I allow YOUR body to guide my healing work. I take time with each client to discover your goals and intentions for each massage and Yoga session and apply different modalities into the session to help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, balanced and pain free.

I specialize in working with general muscle stiffness, pain and discomfort addressing adhesions, scar tissue and imbalances, scoliosis, sciatica, low back and hip pain, frozen shoulder, stiff neck, TMJ, sports and athletic recovery.

Massage helps to increase range of motion in the joints, and tissues, increases circulation and the detoxification process, reduces pain and inflammation. It Improves the overall quality of life by down regulating the nervous system, decreasing the stress response (fight or flight) and bringing us back into our bodies. Regular massage reduces acute and chronic stress, prevents injuries and illnesses and is an overall good measure for preventive health care.

I have experience working with adults, children, teens, tweens, cancer patients and survivors, and elderly clients. I love working with diverse populations.

As a stage 4 cancer survivor my passion is guiding people into the healing wisdom of their own mind and bodies. In 2017 I graduated with a B.A from Marylhurst University, with a degree in Business for Holistic Healthcare. In 2018 graduated with a Integrative Wellness Coaching certificate from Duke University online. Along side practicing Massage Therapy, I teach private and group Yoga classes and am a Integrative Wellness Coach.

I believe healing is individualized and a holistic journey, including the mind, body and spirit. With guidance, support and a integrated approach to our health, we can all live a life of happiness and true wellness.

When I’m not practicing the healing or movement  arts, I enjoy exploring the outdoors, paddle boarding, soaking up the sunshine, photography, writing, fitness, and traveling.