My name is Brittany Adams I am a Portland Oregon original, whom happily transitioned to San Diego with my husband and French bulldog Gypsy. Enjoying the plentiful sunshine, Yoga and all SD has to offer. I am passionate about whole self integration, healing, miracles, expanding consciousness, spirituality, community and teaching Yoga.

My dharma is supporting & assisting others in creating optimal well-being and healing in their lives. In 2015 I almost lost my life to stage 4 cancer. During that journey and to this day, I utilize a integrative, holistic approach to healing. It has been powerful and instrumental in my recovery. My hope is to share this knowledge of self care health care with all whom are seeking to step into their own healing, growth & discovery process.

My education includes a B.A in Human studies and business and an Integrative Wellness Coaching certification through Duke University. I have enjoyed facilitating personal growth and spiritual development workshops since 2012. Currently, I hold over 500 hrs in Yoga + Mindfulness based trainings, and been blessed to share the practice of Yoga since 2010.

I practiced as a therapeutic massage therapist in Arizona, California & Oregon from 2010-2021 facilitating structural and energetic healing through keen knowledge of the body and while using my intuition.

Over the last three years, my healing path led me to study & share the benefits of sound healing meditation. Currently integrating crystal bowls, drumming, gong, harmonium, Sanskrit mantras and sacred prayer into my teachings & offerings.

When I am not practicing the healing or movement arts, I find joy in photography, traveling, writing, beach bumming, fitness, nutrition, Yoga, studying metaphysics, music and exploring the natural world with my husband.

In Grace + Gratitude, Brittany Adams

Yoga. Retreats. Wellness