Self Revolution Wellness was founded in 2018 by Brittany Adams. Previous, Brittany had a private practice, True Bliss Massage and Yoga in Portland Oregon for over 7 years (2011-2018). For seven years, Brittany offered therapeutic bodywork for hundreds of clients of all ages, cultivating a regular clientele while building long lasting relationships within her Portland commmnity.

In the midst of her business endeavors, Brittany was diagnosed with a rare stage 4 terminal cancer and had to take 18 months off practicing bodywork (2014-2016) However she continued to teach Yoga during her cancer treatments and post cancer healing journey.

in 2016 she went back to being a massage therapist part time. She struggled with extreme fatigue and PTSD from her near death experience of cancer. It was frustrating for her not to be able to take the physical workload she was once was able to take. 

She decided to go back to school and finished her undergrad in business and interdisciplinary studies in 2016. Graduating  with honors when she was 35 years old. 

A year later, she continued her education online at Duke University and received her integrative wellness coaching certificate in 2020. 

Brittany loved giving bodywork, so she dabbled in it part time until August of 2021. She officially retired as a CMT and stepped fully into her career as a wellness and movement leader and healer in San Diego California. 

Self Revolution Wellness has evolved into many forms over the last couple of years from bodywork, to wellness coaching, yoga classes, workshops and retreats.

Currently Self Revolution Wellness offers high quality destination yoga/healing retreats, Yoga classes in San Diego, Yoga trainings, immersions and yoga teacher mentorship.

The journey home to the True Self  is often long and arduous. The name Self Revolution is about the path itself, the fortitude and tenacity to overcome great obstacles and lessons to step into our greatest potential. The journey is rarely easy, but more often than not- beyond worth the struggle. 

keep goingÔÇŽkeep growing.

In Grace + Gratitude,
Brittany Adams

Yoga. Retreats. Wellness