My name is Brittany, everyday I feel grateful to be able to teach, inspire and support my community through the path of Yoga and wellness consulting. As most paths in life, mine didn’t come easy. In a lot of ways, I feel like life is just beginning. And I believe everyday we have an opportunity to begin again. There are no mistakes, only learning experiences, lessons and moments of discovery. Everything in life has a bigger purpose, and is taking us to our highest potentiality, if we listen, if we allow.

As a stage 4 cancer survivor my passion is guiding people into the healing wisdom of their own mind and bodies. In 2017 I graduated with a B.A from Marylhurst University in Portland Oregon with a degree in Business and Holistic Healthcare. In 2018 I completed a Integrative Wellness Coaching program from Duke University online. I have also been a therapeutic massage therapist for 9 years, and Yoga teacher for over 7 years.

I believe healing is individualized and a holistic journey, including the mind, body and spirit. With guidance, support and a integrated approach to our health, we can all live a life of happiness and true wellness, from the inside out.

Currently my healing offerings include community and private Yoga classes, yoga/healing retreats + workshops, and wellness coaching/consulting.

When I am not practicing the healing or movement arts, I enjoy exploring the outdoors, soaking up the sunshine, photography, writing, fitness, studying Yoga + metaphysics, traveling, + spending time with my partner and french bulldog Gypsy.

With love and care,

Brittany Montes RYT, CMT