Weekly Yoga Offerings:

Community Yoga Classes at Riffs Bird Rock (BR) and Ocean Beach (OB)

🌀Tuesday’s: Strong Hatha w/ Sound Healing 10:30-11:45a (BR)

🌀Thursday’s: Strong Hatha w/ Sound Healing 10:30-11:45a (BR) & Vinyasa w/ Sound Healing 5:30-6:30p (OB)

Yoga Bio:

My love for Yoga began in 1998, and since then, I have been exploring all the layers and dimensions the practice has to offer. I have been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and teaching Yoga for 11 years. Originally from Portland Oregon, where I had the benefit of studying with Senior and Master Yoga teachers and healers. 

Currently hold over 500 hrs of Yoga & mindfulness based trainings specializing in Hatha Yoga, Mantra Meditation, Spirituality, Metaphysics and Subtle Body studies. From 2010-2021 I practiced as a therapeutic massage therapist working with multiple bodies and injuries. Even though I no longer practice as a CMT, the knowledge I gained from working on thousands of bodies has translated into the next stage of my career as a teacher trainer, mentor and senior Yoga teacher. 

In 2015 I battled and survived a rare Cancer of the bones & connective tissues known as Rhabdomyosarcoma. The cancer was diagnosed as late stage 4, terminal and I was not given much time to live. I did my best to utilize all I understood at the time about health, healing, nutrition, spirituality and Yoga and became the co-creator in my own healing journey. 

7 years now in full remission, I believe that experience was a catalyst to my awakening and led as an opportunity to serve others in a deeper way. 

I practice and teach because I believe Yoga is a powerful catalyst for growth and healing. I have experienced and witnessed profound transformation in my life and others lives. I see this ancient practice as a beautiful gift for all whom step into its wisdom and truth. My teaching style is based on the traditional roots of Hatha Yoga. My class offerings are known to be strong, dynamic, creative and alignment based. Encouraging students to explore and grow into their own empowerment and process. Alongside my asana offerings, I enjoy

incorporating breath, inner exploration, Sanskrit mantra, anatomy, yoga philosophy and sound healing meditation. 

Yoga is for everybody! I encourage all levels of students to come practice and explore the inner terrain of their Being on and off the mat. I offer variations and ways for you to grow a sustainable, lifelong practice of awakening and transformation.

Class Style Offerings:

🌀Strong Hatha: A grounding, static and alignment based practice. Incorporating strength, mobility, balance challenges, & awareness of the physical and energetic body in relationship with each other. If you are looking to grow your practice, I highly encourage this offering. An all levels, challenging practice exploring inversions, arm balances, binds, backbends and mantras. Level 1-3

🌀Alignment Based Vinyasa: A embodied, strong flow style practice with a focus on classical Yoga postures, anatomical & energetic alignment and intentional breath with movement. Intermediate practice exploring inversions, arm balances, binds and backbends. Level 2-3

🌀Yin with Sound Healing: A fantastic counter part to the Hatha or Vinyasa style practices. My Yin class experiences are deep, nourishing and meditative. As a therapeutic massage therapist for 11 years, I understand Yin as a mobility & myofascial release practice meant to unravel the stress that binds the body and mind. While having the opportunity to create more range of motion & flexibility in the tissues & joints: Level 1-3

🌀Yoga Beats Bliss: This is a Yoga Bhoga practice! Yoga means Union and Bhoga Translates to FUN & PLAYFUL. This offering is a high vibe community experience in San Diego. We weave together a hybrid of Yoga, Dance, Live Electronic Music, Sacred Sound Healing & community building. With the intention connecting us back home to ourselves and each other. Level 1-3. For more info: 

With over 500+ hours of yoga training and study, and 10+ years of teaching experience that has included:

*200 hr. Hatha/Anusara training in 2008-2009

*100 hr. Universal Yoga training in 2018

*200 hr. Ashtanga training in 2019

*30 hr. Yin/Restore Yoga Training Sept. 2019

*Studied with & inspired by: Christina Sell (Hatha Yoga), Michael Stone (Ashtanga Vinyasa), Sianna Sherman (Anusara Yoga), Annie Carpenter & Jason Crandel (Alignment based Vinyasa). In addition, Meghan Maris, Emily Light, Lisa Mae Osborn, Buck Lewis, Ryan Bailey and Jenn Richardson.

*Come practice with me in the comfort of your own home on YouTube!

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”- Bhagavad Gita