“I have been a long time client of Brittany for both massage therapy and yoga and I highly recommend her in both fields. Brittany is a caring, experienced and very skilled massage therapist and yoga instructor and has helped me immensely with my health and well being. She is also the most courageous person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.”-PP

“For 25 years I had been wasting my time by going to “brand” massage companies that only really care about selling you some package after your 60-minute run-of-the-mill massage. Brittany showed me what true therapeutic massage can do for a person. I was dealing with chronic hip pain. I went to physical therapy but the pain subsisted. I had an MRI taken and the doctor thought it may be a pinched nerve. I went to Brittany, informed her of my issue, she worked on my left leg for about 45 minutes and relieved my pain entirely. I had no idea that massage could be so effective. I am hooked and have been going to Brittany, routinely, for well over a year. Until then, I had never gone back to see an LMT for a continued session. She is awesome, plain and simple.” -HZ

“I have experienced many masseuses over many decades, but Brittany is the best. Besides the skills in her hands and in her heart, she has created a restful, soothing environment that puts a person at peace. She uses hot towels and wraps in ways that were new to me and that I now would not want to do without. And BTW, I first met her when she was teaching yoga at our Sunset Athletic Club. I enjoyed that class so much I sought her out for massage also – so glad that I did!” -AM

“Brittany is a stellar massage therapist. I have worked with dozens of massage therapists in the past but what makes Brittany different is her attention to detail. She pays attention to things like my breathing rhythm, the quality of sound projecting her soothing choice of background music, and keeping me modest with carefully draped sheets. Speaking of sheets, the quality of her massage table linens is notable. She has selected the softest blankets and sheets for her clients. Another item to rave about is her attention to body positioning. She is adept at positioning my neck, head, knees, and ankles using pillows and various wedges, as needed, so that I feel supremely comfortable and in balance. Thank you for your professionalism, Brittany, and for providing much needed therapy to the body of an over-worked nurse!”- KS

“For a world-class massage experience, look no farther than Brittany Montes. Having been to spas and massage studios, both here and abroad, the finest is right here at True Bliss Massage and Yoga. Whether it be for relaxation, or the more pesky back or physical ailment, Brittany will meet your individual needs. With only two massages, my back injury/pain was gone, something my doctor was not able to manage. Her beautiful studio is extremely calming, and her ability to massage and manipulate your muscles is a true gift. I recommend treating yourself and/or a friend to a massage from Brittany, and I bet you will agree with me. She is a TRUE professional.” -HH

“I’ve been coming to Brittany for regular massages well over a year now, and she is truly the best! She knows exactly how to work on my aches, but is also great at relaxation if that’s what I need or want. Her set-up is wonderful, everything is very comfortable and quiet. She is a true professional and I feel great after every massage from her. I can wholeheartedly recommend her to even the most discerning client – Brittany will definitely impress you.” -BB

“Brittany is a very knowledgeable and mindful yoga instructor who makes you feel at ease while putting together a tailor made yoga curriculum targeted to my level of practice. She expertly integrates the physical yoga poses with breathing, mindfulness and meditation techniques that helped me elevate my practice and life to a higher level.” -RA