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Work for what you want, while loving what you got.

Work for what you want, while loving what you got.

I’m a big fan of healing, growth and transformation. I believe it’s why we are here; soul in a body. To overcome obstacles; the biggest one being ourselves and learning lessons to help us to evolve and awaken. In the middle of a Yoga practice a inner voice spoke, “Work for what you want, while loving what you got.” Hmm, I thought. Where did that insight come from? I guess it was something I needed to ponder..

Often when we are on a path of personal growth and discovery it’s easy to get caught up in the mindset, “Once I arrive at this new destination, then I’ll feel whole, complete..or fill in the blank.” It’s almost like the forward sight towards our goals is negating how far we have come to arrive in this moment. 

That’s why it’s important to love where you are, while working towards what you want. I don’t know about you, but feeling stuck or stagnant in life is a uncomfortable feeling. Yes, at times it’s important to slow down. We don’t always need to be taking on some big self help project to move forward in life. 

However, the little steps matter. For example ask yourself what you would like to work towards. Maybe you want to learn a instrument, get more fit, shift career paths or travel. Whatever the end goal is, what are small steps you can take each day to guide you to that destination?

Forward momentum cultivates confidence, self efficacy and personal empowerment. 

Often we give up on ourselves to quickly! We lose faith, the process is often long and arduous. Sometimes even boring! We think what’s the use! I’ll give up, it’s easier to stay here.. What happened to the dream, the desire? And it can be self defeating if we don’t even like where we are, because we are comparing it to some unknown, unmanifested fairyland in our minds.  You might think “I don’t like where I am now, but once I arrive I’ll feel better.” Or even worse! We compare ourselves and progress to others! Doh! That usually doesn’t work well and can impede our growth and progress. While spiraling us down the abyss of self sabotage and defeat.

Rather shift the energy. Name, even better write down 3 things you are grateful for in the present, and another 3 things you love about yourself in the present. Take a moment to appreciate how far you have come, How hard you have worked. Connect to your strengths and gifts. We are all blessed with unique gifts! Stay in the moment while keeping your minds eye on where you want to go in your life or self. 

Be firm in your resolve while being kind with yourself. There is no destination to the inner work. The growth and transformation journey carries on to infinity. 

I have never seen someone not succeed by taking action, but I have seen dreams dwindle by giving up. Trust the process and yourself. I can guarantee it’ll look different, especially the outcome! Love where you are, while working for what you want.

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