Nature as a teacher of divine perfection.

Whenever I am feeling out of sorts, lost, ungrounded, anxious or looking to shift perspectives I tend to seek out the natural world as my teacher. Nature teaches us many wisdoms. For one, it shows us how small and insignificant our perceived problems are. The vastness of a mountain or expansiveness of the ocean is a reminder that all is […]

Be still to heal: You are your own resource.

For most of my life I have ran from my feelings and my own sensitivities. what I mean by running isn’t necessarily a physical manifestation, it can show up in the form of distracting oneself. Distracting oneself with addictions, over working, busy work, exercise, perfectionism, social media, and other outside things to avoid or numb out uncomfortable sensations and experiences. […]

Welcome to your revolution

Welcome! My name is Brittany Adams and I have been fascinated with health, healing and transformation since I was a young teenager. As anything in life, my passion for self care health care has evolved into what it is today. As an integrative wellness coach and Yoga teacher I find great joy and purpose in witnessing clients personal revolutions. This […]