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Intuition is your soul speaking

Intuition is your soul speaking

I believe deep within our beings, is a light that is connected to the all. Through this light, we can transmute information, connect to different levels of consciousness and tap into our innate knowledge and wisdom.

It took me a while to learn how to trust myself and knowing. to be honest, it’s a skill I’m still acquiring and fine tuning.  Being empathic and sensitive is a gift, but can feel like a burden. To feel everything so intensely, and to see clearly can actually be quite a muddy and confusing experience. Tapping into our intuition takes practice and patience. Learning to discern intuition from fear or fantasy is a focused dive into the abyss of the soul and psyche. 

A lot of my life I remember being very sensitive and raw. Life just hurt. I could feel life and energy traverse through my being as a young girl. This made me shy, and a bit of a quiet loner. Looking back, I believe it was hard for me to distinguish my energy or thought from “the other”. It made it challenging to listen to myself, trust my intuition, when I had the noise of everyone else inside my mind and heart. 

When I was a teenager, until I got sober at 30 I used drugs and alcohol to numb my sensitivities. It worked! For a while.. until it caused more suffering than feeling all the feels. 

Deep in my being, I knew it was a gift. A intuitive nudge. I began studying yoga, metaphysics and the healing arts more in depth through out my 20’s and 30’s. This exploration guided me to understand my empathic qualities and to discover there are others out there that struggle and THRIVE with this same experience!

As I get older, I am able to hone in and harness the gift of sensitivity in a helpful way to myself and others. Being sensitive is like a energetic exposure to the world, a raw receptivity. More information comes through. It’s like my personal “antenna” is sky high; picking up on random info from all directions. The dial of the soul, calibrated, fine tuned to subtler frequencies. 

We all have this ability to tune in. 

I believe this ability to tune in with our sensitivity is our intuition. And our intuition is our soul speaking to us. How do we discern the information that’s coming through? Often our intuition is not something we “want” to do, yet feel “called” to do. When I check in and try to discern if the feeling, sensation or message I am getting is intuition, fear or fantasy? I ask my body, I see where I feel it. I try to sense it’s intention, and “where” that sensation is coming from.

If there is peace around it, heart spacious with a resonance of knowing-it’s often my soul speaking. Even if intuitively I am being asked to live beyond my comfort level, or to do something new and scary.. there is peace around it, a deep sense of OK-ness.

If there is mad, frantic anxiety around a thought or message coming in.. it’s often ego not intuition. If I begin to get in my head, instead of in my heart around an issue. That’s definitely ego and fear not intuition.  Lots of different stories created in the mind, fantasies and such.

This isn’t usually the soul speaking, rather a grasping from my ego out of fear.

However, sometimes visions- bursts of insight come through as truth. That is intuition. A message from the higher self.

Intuition is tuning “in-to-it” tuning into yourself. Listening, paying attention and acting from a place of alignment within. 

Listening to your soul speak, trusting it and acting upon it is a practice. It takes getting to know oneself on a intimate level.  A relationship with ourselves (and soul) is the foundation for all other relationships we attract and interact with in this lifetime.

A few powerful ways to touch in is through prayer, meditation, yoga or journaling. Quiet the mind, get still. Ask yourself lots of questions, get curious about what comes up. Notice where you feel the information in your body. What’s the energy around the information you are experiencing in your atmosphere of being? 

The body is a physical storehouse for the mind, emotions and soul. Check in, listen and trust your knowing. 

The intuition is a scared gift, a nudge to walk the path of your highest truth and self. 

Love, Brittany

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