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2020 release & reflections

2020 release & reflections

2020 was a incredible year for upheaval, awakening, change and shedding light on personal, cultural and global issues, dysfunctions and imbalances. In my life time, I have definitely gone through my own trials and transformations, but to do so along side the world at large was a wild, crazy and enlightening experience. 

From a global pandemic, political, economical and environmental challenges. I don’t think anyone could catch a break or a breath edge wise. We all were truly hanging on by the seat of our pants, with lots of “oh fu@&s!” and anticipations. 

In my little world, I lost jobs, switched careers, taught Yoga online, quit teaching yoga, started a you-tube channel, taught yoga again with masks and social distancing, rebranded my business, started a new job wellness coaching at a doctors office, got married, went on honeymoon, bought a sprinter van, traveled all over california, gained weight, lost weight, landed somewhere in the middle. I had a few health scares, my dog had a health scare, I made mistakes, I forgave, sold and gave away half our belongings, and planned and packed a move to Southern California in early 2021. 

I don’t know if I am a glass half empty or glass half full kinda gal.. it depends! But I do believe in balance, universal sovereignty, and the power of love and believing all will work out for the greater good. This year was a mega soul booster, propelling us in to new dimensions of seeing and new paradigms of being.   

I don’t expect the clock to strike 12:00a tonight and poof! 2021 all my problems and anxieties will disappear. But I do feel a flood of hope, new beginnings and healing coming into being. I am grateful for my family’s health and well-being, and all the challenging lessons and upheavals in 2020. Which in hindsight, guided myself and family closer together and moved us forward to our place and purpose.

I am looking forward to new adventures, challenges, blessings and whatever 2021 is ready and willing to dish out. Cheers to a year that propelled our growth and a humble bow to a new year drawing us more near to hope and healing.

I’ll end the post with a poem that helps reflect upon and digest 2020 in a metaphorical nutshell, Enjoy!

Peace, love and health,


“fighting the instrument” By: Mark Nepo

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