5 years post cancer treatment.

5 years post cancer treatment 2 days ago on November 18th 2020. 5 years, maybe 5 lifetimes, it seems. What I thought my was going to kill me, saved me, awakened me and gifted me life, again.  The last treatment was vincristine. A chemotherapy that made my fingers and toes go numb. It was actually the most kind of the […]

Healing vs. Cure

These concepts are integrated yet unique in their presentation. The word heal means to restore, or return to wholeness. A cure translates to a banishment or elimination of an disease or illness. We can heal without being cured, and we can be cured without being healed.Healing, at its deepest root meaning is making whole or holy. When I embody the […]

Welcome to your revolution

Welcome! My name is Brittany Adams and I have been fascinated with health, healing and transformation since I was a young teenager. As anything in life, my passion for self care health care has evolved into what it is today. As an integrative wellness coach and Yoga teacher I find great joy and purpose in witnessing clients personal revolutions. This […]