Yoga Beats Bliss

Our Mission & offering:

Yoga Beats Bliss is a high vibe community Yoga and music experience from San Diego California. The infusion of a world class international DJ and 20 years of Yoga + Healing experience. Step into a 90 min masterful immersion of low frequency music, ecstatic dance, yoga asanas and sound healing to create an unparalleled deep practice and invigorating emotional journey. Yogis leave feeling fulfilled, energised, awakened, and uplifted in a way that is very unique to YBB.

YBB Playlist from our last event:

Yoga Beats Bliss: The full experience

Who we are:

Welcome! We are Brittany Adams and Andrew Moore. We met at a Yoga class in San Diego California 2021, and became friends and co-creators of the movement, Yoga Beats Bliss.

Brittany Adams is a Senior Yoga teacher & master healer whom has been practicing and studying Yoga for close to 2 decades and teaching Yoga for 11 years. She has taught Yoga and workshops in Portland Oregon, Sacramento and San Diego California. She spent 10 years as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist, self studying the complexities and wisdom of the body. In 2015 she was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer. Brittany utilized the Yoga methodologies and practices to return back to a state of health and wholeness. Her love for Yoga and people have grown as her purpose and now offers destination retreats, healing immersions, teacher trainings, and community classes in San Diego. Brittany is also a self taught Sound Healer and utilizes crystal bowls, gong, drumming, Koshi chimes, harmonium and sacred Sanskrit mantras to connect people back to their higher self, truth & inner wisdom.

Andrew Moore is a UK native whom began his professional music career in Ibiza Spain almost 20 years ago. Through vision and fortitude, grown his business over the decades and has done world tours with David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Latin Grammy shows, as well as collaborated with other professional artists, produces his own music, and mentors budding DJ’s in the industry. Andrew is a true artist and a visionary. His aim is to weave the power of music as a healing force along side Yoga & movement modalities.