Transformational Mentorship

I would not be where I am today personally or professionally without my many mentors supporting and inspiring me over the last 10 years. Transformational Mentorship guides us from where we are now, to where we want to be. Mentorship is a combination of both teaching & coaching, along side a holistic (Mind-Body-Spirit) approach to discover your truth, potential and innate healing capabilities.

The mentorship model I utilize is one that is based on the practices and methodologies of the Yoga tradition. Using the Yogic lifestyle and philosophies of the postures, breath work, meditation, mantras, relaxation techniques, spiritual and metaphysical explorations, nutrition, self care and inquiry we dive deep into your being from body to soul.

The only way out is through.
“Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self”

Thank you for your courage and curiosity. I am looking forward to partnering with you along your transformational journey. Stepping into this profound work will not only change your life, in addition inspire and encourage those around you.

For a 30 minute complimentary discovery call to see if Transformational Mentorship is right for you, please contact

Areas of mentorship:

*Personal and Spiritual Growth

*Health, Healing and increased Well-Being

*Yoga Privates and small group sessions (1-6 students) Online & in person.

*Sound Healing: Privates and small groups (1-6 students) In person only.

*Building a Yoga/Healing business and finding your authentic voice as a Yoga teacher and healer.

Mentorship services are offered on a sliding scale:

Zoom or over the phone sessions: $50-$100 for 60 minutes

In person sessions within a 15 mile radius of SD: $120-$150 for 60 minutes.

*Please inquire about mentorship package options, larger group Yoga offerings and events, larger group sound healing sessions and Yoga retreats.

Education & Expertise:

Bachelors degree in Health Sciences & Business from Marylhurst University, Lake Oswego Oregon, 2016

Integrative Wellness Coaching Certificate, Duke University, 2020

Over 500 hours of training in Yoga studies and mindfulness based methodologies

11 years experience as therapeutic Massage Therapist

11 years experience teaching community Yoga classes and Yoga privates. I have taught Yoga to adults, children, teenagers, seniors, trauma informed Yoga, Yoga for addiction, Yoga for Cancer and Yoga for special needs. #Yogaforeverybody ; )

3 years of sound healing experience (Crystal and Tibetan bowls, harmonium, mantras, gong, drums, and Koshi chimes)

9 years experience running a successful Healing and Yoga private practice. Including Massage Therapy, Yoga & healing workshops, events and retreats, website design, photography, branding and building consistent students and clientele.

Experience in healing from terminal stage 4 cancer. Currently in remission for over 6 years.

In Grace & Gratitude, Brittany Adams