The art of following your heart

Trusting ourselves, and listening deep within is definitely an art. I am far from perfecting this, but it’s come a long way. I remember when I was younger, teens and 20’s I had this ability to listen deep inside myself, but the problem was I didn’t trust it. Countless pitfalls during that time, and more times than not I’d look back after the fact and be like “damn! Why didn’t I listen to my heart”.

I do this today in my 30’s, even though I know better. Logic, takes us to a point- then after that comes an inner knowing, then the scary leap into the unknown.

Cancer taught me so much, but mostly that life is full of surprises, challenges and miracles.

Over the last few years I have been playing with the art of listening to my heart. By heart I mean guts, intuition: Many names, but you know- your inner voice, true north, your soul compass.

I believe each human has this innate gift to listen deep. It’s not the listening that’s so hard, but rather the trusting, and the leap of faith.

Over years, I have come across some really hard decisions I had to make. Big ones! Like should I stay in this long term relationship with someone who is causing me pain? Ok, I got diagnosed with cancer, should I do chemo or try natural remedies?

Sound like no brainers? I look back at these now, and am like DUH! Of course you did the right thing by enduring 10 months of hellish chemotherapy, it help save your damn life. But in the moment, this was a really really tough decision.

So over the years I have developed a system for listening to my heart. Let me back peddle some, I believe our heart (soul), guts- whatever you want to call it is trying to align us with our truth and purpose always.

When you listen to your heart, you are connecting to the REAL YOU. Meaning the sacred, awake you. The one that knows, the part of you that is divine, and true- constantly trying to guide you to your greatest healing,  and potential.

A couple small but effective strategies that have helped me listen and trust my heart have been:

1.) Quieting my mind: Yoga, journaling, meditation, breathing deep in nature. Quieting my mind helps me to listen on a deeper level.

2.) Go by the way something FEELS: If something feels off, it probably is. If something feels right, it probably is. Learning to discern is huge in following our heart and soul desires. Does the thought of something bring you anxiety and fear? Or contentment and peace?

3.) Trial and error: everything is a learning experience, in the end we are all on our own life journey. Practicing listening and trusting our heart is a process, with some set backs. Paying attention to the outcome of things whether we listen to our heart or not is a great way to cultivate a connection with your heart, and learn discernment moving forward.

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