Vision + Values

self rEVOLution Wellness Vision and values!


To create a peaceful and compassionate sanctuary where people can come hOMe to themselves. A environment where one can heal, grow and thrive into the best versions of themselves through Yoga, Wellness Coaching and massage. Awakening into the revolution of self love, personal potential, healing and authenticity. 




*Open-ness to growth and transformation 

*Support everyone’s unique journey of healing and self discovery 


*Creative + Innovative 

*Positive energy 

*Building connections and community 


*dedication and support for others 

*Ethical and diverse 

*honest and open communication 

Self rEVOLution through Yoga

I have been practicing Yoga for close to 2 decades and teaching for 7. I’ve searched far and wide for a holistic healing path that connects to all layers of the self. Yoga is it! It’s a total practice of all of who we are, and beyond. Connecting our inner expirience to the outer experience of what we wish to create and manifest, it heals, nurtured and connects us to our truth and authenticity.

Yoga means Union or to become whole, Connected and integrated. The art and science of yoga gives us a template and methodology to discover the totality of who we are; mind, body and soul.

If you are new to Yoga and curious about the practice I encourage you to explore many teachers and studios until you find whom resonates with you.

Yoga can be awkward at first! Like learning anything there is a learning curve. But with support, guidance and perseverance you won’t regret starting, and it will change your life on all levels.

I offer private, quality customized Yoga sessions and Massages for a reasonable price. Check out the Massage tab and schedule now icon to see explanation of different services and price list.

Looking forward to connecting with you.!!!

60 minute Private session with Brittany 80.00$

60 minute private yoga session and a 60 minute wellness massage for 125.00$!

Yoga for transformation

In my heart of hearts, and in the deepest place of my being, I believe Yoga is a transformational inner journey back home to the true self.

The physical practice is what brings most folks to the mat! Myself included. But like any relationship, well a healthy positive one ; ) it’s full of love, ups and downs, growth, and evolution.

What makes Yoga Yoga?.. Yoga is old school! Like 6,000 years old, probably waaaay older than that. The Yogis, and sages at that time were just trying to understand what we are trying to understand now. Who are we? What is our purpose for being here? Where do we come from? Who am I really? What is the body, the mind and the soul? Are we separate or connected to all things?

So they developed a Methodology that is both scientific and an art. We call it Yoga. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning to Yolk, connect, unite, come into wholeness. So the root of what this practice is all about is just that. Returning to a state of harmony, balance and compassion with ourselves and the world.

But it begins with us always! If I start getting all deep and woo woo, lol..bare with me.. Yoga is simple yet oh so deep and forever.. I like to stay grounded, but there is nothing wrong with being a soul explorer and a inner landscape adventurist.

In the OG writings of Yoga; the vedas, upanishads, sutras, and hatha yoga pradapika. We soon discover that the physical poses, the asanas. Are 1/8 of the whole practice and point! Whaaaat?!

The postures sole purpose is to come back into the body and the self, atman, soul, pure consciousness. We aren’t thinking about grocery lists and such in the challenge of these poses! Once we tune into the body, That is the foundation to start to notice subtleties like the breath, inner mind chatter, our feelings, truths and desires. We are connecting back home! hOMe.

As I teacher my hope is to bring this practice to all beings in a accessible way. A way folks can resonate with and connect to. As I start to explain the depth and complexity of the practice as it unfolds. Just know that this happens at your own timing and progression. The practice loves you no matter what. You can leave and come back as many times necessary.

I see many students just wanting to hang on the surface of the practice. This is great to! I understand the benefit of moving the body, stretching muscle and fascia and tuning into sensations.

My challenge to you is when things start to shift, as they will inevitably in this old school ancient tradition. Don’t run away! Be curious, be open, fall into grace. Trust and surrender.

I can promise you it’s leading you to your greatest self. Your potential, your gifts. Not all healing and transformational processes is sunshine and butterflies, we can’t have the light without the darkness. It’s impossible.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate your time: happy practicing. Just keep showing up, tending to the garden of the soul and self. Get ready to flourish. Your best and abundant self already exists inside YOU. You are there, the practice helps you to remember who you are.