Ganesha: The remover of obstacles

ॐ ग ॐ गण गणपतये नमः  ॐ गण गणपतये नमः  ॐ गण गणपतये नमः… May mantra is “OM Gam Ganapataye Namaha” Mantra is sound meditation. The Sanskrit language is unique as it’s a vibrational , sacred language evoking a pathway to inner peace, connection and transformation. This mantra, or any prescriptive mantra is ideally chanted 108x, using a mala 📿 necklace as it has 108 beads, for 40 days. You […]

Nature as a teacher of divine perfection.

Whenever I am feeling out of sorts, lost, ungrounded, anxious or looking to shift perspectives I tend to seek out the natural world as my teacher. Nature teaches us many wisdoms. For one, it shows us how small and insignificant our perceived problems are. The vastness of a mountain or expansiveness of the ocean is a reminder that all is […]

Intuition is your soul speaking

I believe deep within our beings, is a light that is connected to the all. Through this light, we can transmute information, connect to different levels of consciousness and tap into our innate knowledge and wisdom. It took me a while to learn how to trust myself and knowing. to be honest, it’s a skill I’m still acquiring and fine […]