Vision + Values

self rEVOLution Wellness Vision and values!


To create a peaceful and compassionate sanctuary where people can come hOMe to themselves. A environment where one can heal, grow and thrive into the best versions of themselves through Yoga, Wellness Coaching and massage. Awakening into the revolution of self love, personal potential, healing and authenticity. 




*Open-ness to growth and transformation 

*Support everyone’s unique journey of healing and self discovery 


*Creative + Innovative 

*Positive energy 

*Building connections and community 


*dedication and support for others 

*Ethical and diverse 

*honest and open communication 

Self rEVOLution through Yoga

I have been practicing Yoga for close to 2 decades and teaching for 7. I’ve searched far and wide for a holistic healing path that connects to all layers of the self. Yoga is it! It’s a total practice of all of who we are, and beyond. Connecting our inner expirience to the outer experience of what we wish to create and manifest, it heals, nurtured and connects us to our truth and authenticity.

Yoga means Union or to become whole, Connected and integrated. The art and science of yoga gives us a template and methodology to discover the totality of who we are; mind, body and soul.

If you are new to Yoga and curious about the practice I encourage you to explore many teachers and studios until you find whom resonates with you.

Yoga can be awkward at first! Like learning anything there is a learning curve. But with support, guidance and perseverance you won’t regret starting, and it will change your life on all levels.

I offer private, quality customized Yoga sessions and Massages for a reasonable price. Check out the Massage tab and schedule now icon to see explanation of different services and price list.

Looking forward to connecting with you.!!!

60 minute Private session with Brittany 80.00$

60 minute private yoga session and a 60 minute wellness massage for 125.00$!

self rEVOLution: dark to light

I’ve learned in life, everything is a compromise. Sometimes we have to lose something to gain something. This balance of seeking what serves us in the moment isn’t always a easy path, but if we listen to our soul, the true calling within, we are guided in the right direction and never disappointed.

This week is my 5th week in beautiful Northern California. I’m slowly beginning to plant seeds and lay down roots that I pulled out from my life in Portland over the last 9 years. To be honest, and I’m sure this isn’t news to any one.. starting over is a lot of work! Lol.

It took me 2 years to reconcile my decision to move from Portland Oregon to a sunnier location, I began dancing with this move back in late 2016. And yes, the sunlight means that much to me.. I had grown up and lived in Portland Oregon for 23 years total. That’s 2/3 of my life thus far. And as I absolutely love Portland and the PAC NW, I struggled every year for about 6-8 months with SAD: seasonal affective disorder.

I wouldn’t have even known any better, but when I was 14 my family moved us to Phoenix Arizona for a decade as my father, and myself, unknowingly (cause I was 14, and what do 14 year olds know about SAD), was suffering greatly from the winter blues. My life changed when I expirenced close to 300+ days of sunlight a year, compared to 150 days in the Pacific NW.

The phenomenon of SAD is well known, studied and documented. And it doesn’t effect every body! Thank goodness, because it is not a fun thing to go through. In 2010, when I chose to move to Portland from Phoenix, I knew what I was getting into. But back then, at 28 years old there was something calling me to my hometown Portland. I told myself I was on “the 5 year plan” lol. Cuz about that time frame, SAD really kicks in for me, and it changes me in a way that I don’t care to describe, or I had to choose anti depressant medication which I do not like to take.

5 years, turned into 9. In Portland I went through a traumatic break up, addiction and recovery (currently 6.5 years sober), and stage 4 cancer. Let’s say I didn’t see any of this coming! From 28-36 I call my dark period. Not negative! Just personal darkness, in a gloomy city. In this darkness I grew a ton as a person, I learned a lot about God and life, I met amazing people whom supported my hard journey. Portland was good to me, regardless of my struggles there.

Aftet all that, I was exhausted. And in the midst of those larger struggles, I battled with seasonal depression every year from Dec-June. I would travel to sunny places: Hawaii, Costa Rica, Thailand, SoCal, and Mexico. I noticed I felt better in the sun light mentally, physically and spiritually.

Last February my partner and I knew what we had to do. And I still struggled with the decision to move   away from a place where I had really built a life.  I had a successful massage practice in Portland, excellent Yoga teaching jobs, friends, family and a community. Moving somewhere new meant I had to start over in my mid 30’s.. But I felt the call to live in the sunlight, and in life some times you have to let things go, to allow new things in.

With much research, and consideration we landed in Northern California. This is where my partner is from, and his family is here. I have good friends in the Bay Area only 2 hours away. We get over 270 days of sun a year. It’s mid January here and I am no where close to depressed like I would be in Portland around this time.

I open my practice self rEVOLution Wellness in beautiful Auburn Ca in early February. I’m currently not teaching Yoga anywhere, but I want to, I miss it. I am still looking for studios and gyms to do so. All the stuff takes time.

I’m starting completely over. But my inner self tells me all will be OK. I’ll get where I’m meant to go, and life is just a long journey anyway. There is no real destination. Moving from a dark period in my life to a period of light; literally and metaphorically feels like a rebirth. I feel like I have had many spiritual deaths and rebirths in this lifetime. This move to California breathed life back into my weary, worn soul.

I grateful for the opportunity, I am happy to be here.

Thank you Portland, and my time there was my greatest teacher. Wow. What an adventure of self discovery, suffering and profound growth and awakening. And not saying all will be sunshine and butterflies in california, lol. Life is still life wherever one land, everywhere we go, there we are : )

Through the dark times, I’ve learned to honor and embrace simple things in life. In that regard, I’ve become happy just being alive another day. The darkness was a gift, it gave me perspective, taught be about miracles and love. As I begin again, I bring the wisdom I’ve found in the darkness into my new life. I feel alive again.

In Love and Light,


We made it to California!

Clients, Yogis, and friends,

I made it to Northern California safe and sound a few days ago. As far as moving goes, it went very well, a smooth transition. We are still getting settled in. Rob, my partner started his job right away with Placer county, doing IT support and projects for them.

I am spending my time getting us unpacked and settled in. Literally a full time job within itself. As I pride myself on being some what of a “minimalist” moving reminds me that maybe I need to let go of some more belongings. We moved from a 700 sq ft apartment to a 950 sq ft place. And it feels much bigger! The ceilings are vaulted, which also gives the place a feeling of openness and spaciousness. We love our new home!

It is a large one bedroom with a den, and the den has already been coined as “the zen den”. It’s going to be a yoga/meditation/healing/art room/office/guest room. Lol. Can’t wait to set that room up, but haven’t gotten there yet. I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of my time in there.

Northern California is stunning. It reminds me of a hybrid of the 2 places I grew up; Portland Oregon anf Phoenix Arizona. As it has pine trees like Portland, there are also many cacti and palm trees scattered throughout the landscape. My favorite part so far about NorCal is the sunshine and warmer climate. It’s been about 60-63* and sunny a week before Christmas! I must look like such a Oregonian wearing no jacket, while everyone else here is bundled up in their “winter” gear.

I have already connected with 2 yoga studios here. I haven’t started teaching yet, but I love the Yoga here. So far there are very knowledgeable and talented teachers in the region. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of the plentiful Yoga here.

Today I finished up and tested for my Integrative Wellness coaching certificate. As some of you know, I’m in a bit of a career shift. Moving more into the Integrative and holistic wellness industry. This certification was a huge step for this career change. I look forward to see what manifests in the near and far future. I did my program through Duke University, they are the leaders in Integrative wellness. So blessed to have studied with them.

Since we moved around Christmas, this holiday season will be quite low key. We do have a 1 foot real Charlie Brown Christmas tree. And are looking forward to checking out the Victorian Christmas this Sunday in Nevada city. We have family and friends in the area too, Redding, Marysville, Oakland and San Francisco. My best friend of 22 years is coming from SF to spend Christmas with us, can’t wait to see her! And be closer is general.

So, life feels good right now. And I’m soaking up the gifts and blessings. The last 4-6 years have been challenging to say the least. I am very happy to say that all my hard work has paid off 10 fold. It was a struggle, and sometimes I have no idea how I got to this place! But I have arrived, for now ; ) I am grateful for my Portland tribe whom stuck with me through thick and thin, I’m eternally grateful for all of your love and support.

So what’s next? I really don’t know. I’m letting my intuition guide me. As woo woo as that might sound. My heart and guts led me to NorCal, and I feel like something big is waiting for me here. I hope to take the next 2 weeks off to unpack, settle in, ground down, explore the area, re-evaluate and support my partner through his work transition. After that, I think I’ll know what to do. I’m learning to trust my higher self. Meaning, not doing what I think I should be doing, but doing what I’m called to do. So far, this life strategy, if one could call it that, has worked many miracles along my journey thus far.

I look forward to running summer Yoga retreats in beautiful Portland! Hopefully starting summer 2019. Keep in touch to find out the dates!

Thank you all again for making True Bliss Massage and Yoga a success from 2011-2018. I couldn’t have done it without you. See you soon, until then…

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

With love and care,


Sunset view from our new home 🙏🏼

Moving to California

The time has actually come, and I am sad yet excited  to leave Portland Oregon and begin a new life, career and adventures in beautiful Northern California. I began my private practice, True Bliss in 2011. It was a wonderful experience working with all types of body ailments, and pains, helping the community feel better in their bodies.

I am a stage 4 cancer survivor. I had to close down my practice for a short time in 2015-2016 to go through rigorous treatments and regain strength again. After coming back to massage therapy in april 2016, I was only able to do half the amount of massages I was use to doing. I just didn’t have the energy and stamina I once had.

This prompted me to go back to school and finish my undergrad, which I finished up in 2017 at Marylhurst University. A BA in interdisciplinary studies with a focus on the business around Integrative healthcare. A year later I began studying to be a Integrative wellness coach, through Duke University online. I graduate with that certificate in a few weeks! December 17, 2018.

As I still love practicing as a LMT, and I transferred my license to the state of California, I am looking for other, more sustainable ways to impact peoples lives in a positive way without a ton of physical labor involved. I see massage therapy always being a part of my life to some degree, however I am looking to expand my practice down in California in the realms of wellness and lifestyle coaching, teaching yoga classes, workshops and retreats.

Life is full of surprises. I honestly never thought I’d make it this far. I’ve worked hard to get here, and it was worth all the sweat, tears and trudging through the unknown. Stumbling my way through a random illness I never saw coming, and fighting my way back, rebuilding a new life full of love, hope and possibility.

I want to thank you all for making True Bliss a success! I could not have done it with out all of you. I will miss my students and clients here in Portland. I met some truly fantastic individuals over the last 9 years. I hope you all continue to get regular massages, practice yoga on the regular and continue to take care.

Health is Wealth! I look forward to seeing you all again in possible future Yoga Retreats I hope to facilitate in the beautiful Pacific NW.

Please stay connected with me via this webpage, blog, quarterly newsletters and social media. I will Miss you all! Thank you for making my life here in Portland a great joy and grand adventure!



Always a silver lining

There is a sense of isolation when dealing with an illness, even recovering from one. I think this is because time slows down when we are sick or healing. Our perspective and focus on life and our circumstances change, forces a sense of simplification of sorts. Illness awakens us, takes us on a deeper journey inside ourselves to find answers, that’s where they live: these answers we seek.

This month I celebrate 3 years graduated from chemotherapy. Nov. 18th to be exact, how could I forget?  I thought the hardest year of my life was over at that time, I had survived stage 4 cancer and 11 months of nasty treatments. But in many ways, my journey had just begun at that point.

The last 3 years have been filled with many challenges and joys alike. A year after the treatments, in 2016- I traveled to Thailand, on a solo backpacking adventure for over 3 weeks. It was life changing. I felt as though I wanted to heal more, and explore the world I was almost taken from.

When I came home from Thailand New Year’s Day of 2017, I was 34. I was inspired by my simple life there, and decided to sell my fancy car, and get rid of most of my belongings. It was so freeing. I mean, how much stuff do we really need to be happy?

I turned 35 that year. Many say that 35 is the peak of life. And I would have to say that is the age my life began, truly. Everything leading up to 35 was filled with a lot of confusion, and very very hard lessons. That year, in June I graduated with my Undergrad from Marylhurst University, and a month later I found and fell in love with my soulmate whom I am still very happy with today.

My 35th year was very joyful, my silver lining. It was also filled with much healing to do which I chipped away at daily. Even though life was and is very good, I still suffered with the effects of chemotherapy and trauma. PTSD and depression plagued me then and now.

Depression is a funny beast. Meaning, you can still be happy and content, while still suffering from dark thoughts and apathy. Depression is not new to me. It’s in my blood line, family members currently and deceased suffered from this dark night of the soul.

My cancer trauma, and living in a place that only gets 140 days of sunshine a year aggravated it, and still does. I know what it is now, when these feelings come up, and I have no shame in them. Sometimes I take small doses of Zoloft, just like a diabetic would take doses of insulin to balance their body.

I can’t help but believe that the silver lining in this experience is the journey itself. I have learned so very much about healing the mind, body and soul along the way. I have been my own science experiment; whatever and all I am doing is working, with its ups and downs along the way.

Currently I am studying to become a Integrative wellness coach at Duke University. I finish and graduate this December of 2018. My hope is to take all I have learned and guide others to their path of healing and greatest potential. To encourage and coach them along the way, because let’s face it- healing is hard work, and it’s easy to give up hope.

Sometimes I have no clue why I haven’t given up already, my soul is tired. But deep inside I feel that I am on the right path, and the proof is in the pudding; all I have done to this point has worked and is working. The results have been my coach, my hope, my silver lining.

With love,


Healing perspective

I have been feeling myself changing and growing a lot lately. All this transformational stuff can feel heavy and daunting at times. The last couple months I have been working closely with a naturopath, doing some clean up work, so to speak from my cancer journey.

Even though I finished treatments almost 3 years ago, there has been some mental and physical side effects still lingering. A few examples are a weakened immune function- the susceptibility towards colds and minor infections. Hormone imbalance; chemotherapy does quite a number on the reproductive system. And basically the whole experience was deeply moving and traumatizing to me, been dealing with on and off anxiety, depression and PTSD over the years, and stronger lately.

Bringing all these things back to balance with herbs, supplements, homeopathy, and nutrition has been a bit of a roller coaster. Especially the detox part and the hormone balance piece. Hormones run the show in the body, when those guys are out of wack- adding “more” in, even naturally can be a tough act trying to find that delicate balance.

I have been trying to heal myself for over 3 years. As I wrote in my last post, there is a dark side of healing. It’s easy to get caught up in it all, and I want to heal yes! But also live life in a joyful way. Sometimes I feel like all the hard work I put into healing sucks the fun and joy out of things. Part of healing is laughing and enjoying the process too.

This weekend I took a short solo trip to San Francisco CA. My best friend of 22 years lives in the heart of the city, and has for 20 years. I had some business stuff to take care of, I also wanted this trip to pull me out of the healing rut I was in and gain some new perspective.

Practicing Yoga together, chatting about life, getting mani/pedis, eating amazing food, taking photographs and laughing a lot has already helped my anxiety a ton. I was feeling so tense from all the hormone shifts in my body, playing and laughing has helped me to relax some. It’s been joyful and amazing.

I still have one more full day in the city, and for SF is suppose to be a beautiful one. Sunny and 60’s: a classic Indian summer in late October. My hope today is to step back, and keep and even gain some perspective.

Healing is a lot of work, but it can be fun too, an adventure. Healing has many ups and downs. Times when I feel like I have it all figured out, times when I feel broken and suffering. I’m somewhere in the middle right now, it’s a continuation of these two sides, the pendulum swings- always trying to seek the middle.

Healing, growing, learning things about the world and myself along the way. The truth is I have come so far from where I once was, and now there is more places to go. The next chapter is emerging. I’m gonna keep going, and find some joy along the way.

With love,


The dark side of healing

I hope this title intrigued you rather than scare you away..

My intention in writing on this particular topic is to encourage, not discourage: but truly, healing is hard work.

What I mean by “the dark side” of healing, is in the context that it’s a messy, monotonous and sometimes a frustrating process of self discovery. It’s not all sunshine and butterflies.

I have been on a big healing journey since I was 30, so over 6 years now. And what a wild ride it has been! I like adventure and all, but woo wee, hold on to your pants!

When I am talking about healing, I am not just talking a physical thing like, oh I should clean up my diet and get more exercise. All aspects of who we are as humans and spiritual beings are interconnected and in constant communication with one another.

All parts of who we are mind, body and soul are ONE, connected in an interplay of energy and consciousness. When we heal one level of ourselves, we are healing the other parts too. They are all important, equally.

When I was 30 I got sober from drugs and alcohol. This was a long time coming, and one of the best decisions of my life. Without this recovery, I would have never survived beating stage 4 cancer at 32 years old. That healing journey, prepared me for an even bigger one.

Healing from my addiction was messy, and so was healing from Cancer. Hence, the dark side of healing topic. Some of you might know me in person, others may not know me at all or very well.  Nonetheless, I try to keep it real always, sugar coating shit never helped anyone.  Moving on…

I remember the last time I got wasted. I was in San Francisco with my best friend, I’ll spare you the details- but I ended up blacked out, passed out and very sick. I woke up the next morning still drunk, and my heart told me, “Please get sober if you want any kind of normal happy life”.

I flew home back to Portland Oregon, and sat my butt in the same AA meeting I use to go to with my parents when I was just a kid. I really wanted, and want to break this cycle of pain, confusion and addiction. It’s been a lot of work, meetings, working the steps with a sponsor and even therapy. 6 years later, I haven’t picked up a drink, miraculously.

When I got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer only less than 2 years after getting sober, it was devastating to say the least. It was a death sentence type of cancer; alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, stage 4. These evil tumors had metastasized to my spine, ribs, neck and jaw. I was given 6 months to 1 year to live with chemotherapy. What a blow.

Being newly sober, and having to navigate all the pharmaceuticals and medical marijuana on top of processing my impending death was tragic. It was the darkest time in my life. Despair. I’ve never known despair and fear like that. And I don’t think I have it in me to handle it again. Hence why I keep on this healing journey, even though it’s hard.

My cancer story in detail, is for another time. But for the sake of this blog post I have been in remission by the grace of God for over 3 years now.

I used traditional medicine like chemo, radiation and pharmaceuticals.  But also tapped into an anti inflammatory diet, supplements, herbs, tinctures, CBD, yoga, meditation/relaxation, writing, Kangan alkaline water, photography, counseling, coaching, physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, exercising, nature, traveling, reading, studying and beyond to heal my life.

Its hard work.. a part time job. But it’s saved my life. And has helped me to thrive, and not just survive.

So the dark side of healing.. at times it can feel like a lot, over whelming, it can be expensive, and there are times when you wonder if any of this hard work is paying off? And the answer is YES.

I have learned that everything I have put into this healing journey, has helped me 10 fold to heal and grow as a person, and then some. On all levels of my being- mind, body and soul.

My physical body healed from the tumors, they are long gone! And physically I am still trying to clean up the damage from the chemo and radiation. Right now this is the frustrating part.. working on it.

The trauma I endured mentally and emotionally is almost gone, and spiritually speaking,  almost dying  young brought me closer to life, people and a higher power of my understanding.

Currently I am studying to become a Integrative wellness coach through a fantastic program online at Duke University. I graduate in December 2018.

My hope as a coach is to inspire and encourage folks going through a healing journey, TO KEEP GOING.

All the hard work saved my life, and has given me a purposeful, happy life again.  I believe this is possible for anyone willing to do the work, and stick with it, even theougn the dark times. Don’t give up.

happy healing, thank you for reading.


The art of following your heart

Trusting ourselves, and listening deep within is definitely an art. I am far from perfecting this, but it’s come a long way. I remember when I was younger, teens and 20’s I had this ability to listen deep inside myself, but the problem was I didn’t trust it. Countless pitfalls during that time, and more times than not I’d look back after the fact and be like “damn! Why didn’t I listen to my heart”.

I do this today in my 30’s, even though I know better. Logic, takes us to a point- then after that comes an inner knowing, then the scary leap into the unknown.

Cancer taught me so much, but mostly that life is full of surprises, challenges and miracles.

Over the last few years I have been playing with the art of listening to my heart. By heart I mean guts, intuition: Many names, but you know- your inner voice, true north, your soul compass.

I believe each human has this innate gift to listen deep. It’s not the listening that’s so hard, but rather the trusting, and the leap of faith.

Over years, I have come across some really hard decisions I had to make. Big ones! Like should I stay in this long term relationship with someone who is causing me pain? Ok, I got diagnosed with cancer, should I do chemo or try natural remedies?

Sound like no brainers? I look back at these now, and am like DUH! Of course you did the right thing by enduring 10 months of hellish chemotherapy, it help save your damn life. But in the moment, this was a really really tough decision.

So over the years I have developed a system for listening to my heart. Let me back peddle some, I believe our heart (soul), guts- whatever you want to call it is trying to align us with our truth and purpose always.

When you listen to your heart, you are connecting to the REAL YOU. Meaning the sacred, awake you. The one that knows, the part of you that is divine, and true- constantly trying to guide you to your greatest healing,  and potential.

A couple small but effective strategies that have helped me listen and trust my heart have been:

1.) Quieting my mind: Yoga, journaling, meditation, breathing deep in nature. Quieting my mind helps me to listen on a deeper level.

2.) Go by the way something FEELS: If something feels off, it probably is. If something feels right, it probably is. Learning to discern is huge in following our heart and soul desires. Does the thought of something bring you anxiety and fear? Or contentment and peace?

3.) Trial and error: everything is a learning experience, in the end we are all on our own life journey. Practicing listening and trusting our heart is a process, with some set backs. Paying attention to the outcome of things whether we listen to our heart or not is a great way to cultivate a connection with your heart, and learn discernment moving forward.